Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many people are in the band? What instruments are included?

    Black Night Sun features a base 4 piece band (bass, drums, lead guitar and lead vocalist), however we can perform in various configurations depending on your spacing, program and event needs.  Larger parties, concerts or corporate events for instance would benefit from the addition of lead or backing vocalists, extra percussion, guitar etc. If you are not sure, feel free to contact us and we can talk through your event and provide a quote on the best line-up for you!

  • What are your technical and/or staging requirements?

    Please contact us for details.

  • Are there any other band requirements?

    While we understand each event is different and resources dependant on venue, we do ask for a minimum rider (band provision) of non-alcoholic drinks to be available to band members whilst engaged (all other beverages at your discretion). Should the performance extend to 4 or more hours, a meal is to be provided, remembering that either side of performance, the band have at least 2 hours travel/load/set up and are usually required to be ready well before guests arrive. A 'green room' or rest area should be made available to the band during set breaks.

  • Do you travel interstate or overseas?

    Yes, while we are based in Sydney, we do perform regionally, interstate and internationally and will quote based on your event requirements. Fee loadings apply starting from:

    Sydney surrounds (Blue Mountains, Wollongong, Newcastle/Hunter)
    Note: Overnight accommodation may also apply for late finishes.

    NSW country travel other than areas outlined above
    Overnight accommodation applies.

    Overseas and interstate
    Generally speaking, we will take into consideration factors such as travel (to and from airports, venue and accommodation), band accommodation & meals, performance and rehearsal requirements over length of engagement, so the more detail you are able to provide the better, in order for us to provide an accurate quote.


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